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Abundant Living

Caring is
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Abundant Living

Abundant Living is a hospital-supported, church-based wellness program designed to inform congregations throughout Easley and our surrounding communities about health issues and valuable services in our area.


The original goal—to educate individuals and congregations about health, wellness, and disease prevention in a holistic manner—is as inspiring today as it was when the program began in 1996.


Based on the popular Parish Nurse model, Abundant Living volunteers receive special training and then act as Congregational Health Promoters (CHP) in their respective churches. Currently there are 232 trained CHPs and wellness members carrying out the Abundant Living mission in 120 local churches.


The Abundant Living Mission


To enhance and improve the health status of the residents of Pickens County and surrounding areas by empowering individuals in knowledge of and access to community resources and agencies by:

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