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Saving lives at Baptist Easley since 2008.

Baptist Easley has been fine-tuning our digital mammography technology and expertise for nearly three years. It’s just one area in which we are leading our community in healthcare technology. Schedule your digital mammogram at Baptist Easley this year. It’s the best technology around.

Imaging/Radiology Services

We offer a full line of  imaging services performed by our staff of board-certified radiologists and registered technologies.

Diagnostics procedures include:
Upper GI Series (UGI). An x-ray test to look at the upper part of the digestive system.
Barium Enema (BE). An x-ray test to look at the digestive system.
Intravenous Pyleogram (IVP). A test of the kidneys.
Computed Axial Tomography (CAT). A special type of x-ray to examine the inside of an organ.

Nuclear medicine procedures include:
Cardiac Scan. A test to determine how well blood flows to the heart.
Bone Scan. A test to show if there is a disease in the bone.
Gall Bladder Scan. A test to determine how well the gall bladder is working.

Screening and diagnostic tests include:
Mammography. A test to locate lumps or other abnormalities in the breast.
Ultrasound. A test that uses sound waves to “see” inside your body.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). A test used to identify problems with the brain, joint, or spine.


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