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BE Healthy 


Fresh, local produce, from the farm to you!

Local food is the best! And the BE Healthy Food Exchange is bringing the best to you. It’s easy. Farmers post what they have. You can order what you want. And pick it up on Tuesday afternoon. A membership is only $20 a year, and you can try it right now for FREE. Find out more.

BE Well Thursday

BE Well Thursday tests and screenings are offered to the community every Thursday from 7:30am until 10:30am at the Baptist Easley Hospital Laboratory Services Center, 112 John Street, Suite 102, Easley, SC. Call 864.442.7791 for details.

Offerings free of charge:
Blood pressure
BD heel scan (for osteoporosis)
Health education
Height, weight, BMI, and waist/hip ratio

Offerings at minimal costs:
Blood sugar testing, $5
Total cholesterol and glucose, $10 (For accurate results, do not eat or drink after midnight prior to cholesterol screening.)
Lipid panel (with cardiac risk assessment), $20
A1c, $10
Hep B vaccine, $50
Tetanus (TDP), $40 (tetanus, diphtheria vaccine with pertussis)
Td, $30 (tentanus and diptheria, often given as a booster vaccination recommended every 10 years)
Pneumonia vaccine, $70