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Where the Money Goes

Allocations by Baptist Easley Hospital Foundation

The following is a complete list of the allocations of Baptist Easley Hospital Foundation Board in support of various Baptist Easley Hospital initiatives:

1. Raised $2.5 million dollars to support the building of state-of-the-art Emergency Room.
2. Purchased a $5,000 Non-Invasive Positive Pressure breathing machine for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. 
3. Purchased a $60,000 Bone Densitometer for Radiology Department to offer diagnostic screening for osteoporosis.
4. Allocated a $12,000 grant to purchase six Pediatric Emergency Crash Carts for ER, OR, Birthplace, & Pediatrics.
5. Purchased a $18,000 Colonoscope for the Operating Room.
6. Purchased several Dynamap machines ($12,000 total) for the Birthplace.
7. Raised $16,000 to purchase state-of-the-art hearing screening equipment in order to screen the hearing of every infant born at
 our hospital.  (BE is the first hospital in Upstate SC to initiate this program.)
8. Received a $10,000 estate gift from Boyce Hopkins to support the Foundation’s Endowment Fund for future needs.
9. Raised $32,000 to build the Community Fitness Trail on land adjacent to hospital.
10. Allocated $2,500 for “start-up kits” for the Abundant Living Parish Nurse Program.
11. Allocated $13,500 to purchase computers for the Employee Computer Lab in Classroom #2.
12. Raised $8,000 to support PBMCE’s Smoke-Free initiative at our hospital & in the community.
13.  Provided over $2,000 worth of toys for 12 waiting rooms at our hospital.
14. Raised $18,000 to support the “Commit to Quit Smoking” call-in TV Show on WYFF-TV in January 1998.
15. Purchased $1,000 worth of educational pamphlets for ER Waiting Room & children's stickers for ER.
16. Purchased a $2,000 cholesterol-screening equipment for hospital’s business initiative: HealthWorks.
17. Allocated over $1,250,000 to Foundation’s Endowment Account, which is invested and the annual earnings will support future
 hospital needs.
18. Purchased ($9,000) 12 adult and children mannequins for Advanced Life Support training required of hospital clinicians.
19. Funded the purchase of a $4,700 stretcher for Outpatient Surgery.
20. Raised $400,000 to Enhance Cardiac Care at BE.
21. Raised $50,000 to initiate a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner's (S.A.N.E.) Facility & Program at BE.
22. Purchased a $12,000 Heel Scanner from a restricted gift from Arby's of Easley.
23. Purchased HeartPower educational materials for Pickens Cty schools from a $4,000 restricted gift from Blue Ridge Electric.
24. Received $100,000 in gifts from Dr. and Mrs. Bowick to establish a Clinical Education Fund.
25. Purchased a $110,000 “On-Demand” TV/Videos System for patient rooms and for staff training.
26. Funded a "Snack Cart" that daily visits Surgery & Critical Care Waiting Rooms to provide complimentary snacks & refreshments.
27. Allocated a $3,000 grant to Pharmacy to purchase new equipment to expedient patient orders.
28. Funded the cost for 2 Care Notes displays and materials for Surgery Waiting Room and Critical Care Waiting Rm ($1,300).
29.  A $2,769 grant to purchase a new Dinnamap Vital Sign Monitor for the Birthplace.
30.  A $2,400 grant to Critical Care Unit to improve mattresses designed for long-term comfort.
31.  Purchased two-way radios ($3,500 grant) for daily use by security during third shift and for communication during a disaster.
32. Received a $2,000 gift from St. Jude Medical to help purchase Cath Lab's Pacemaker Surgical Tray.
33. Committed $151,000 to help purchase of an Echocardiography System for BE.
34. Received a $1,000 gift from Mrs. Nora Gastley to purchase telementry software upgrade for CCU.
35. Allocated $35,000 to fund Emergency Department Improvements and Patient Advocate position.
36. Raised over $10,000 to purchase equipment for Medically Fragile Children’s Facility & Program.
37. Received a $72,000 grant from The Duke Endowment to fund Diabetes Self Management Education.
38. Received a $1,200 grant from Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative to partner with our hospital to provide hand sanitizers for every
 elementary and middle school classroom in Pickens County.
39. Allocated a $10,000 grant to renovate a suite of rooms adjacent to the Emergency Department for a treatment room family waiting
 room for victims of sexual assault.
40. Funded the purchase of a $22,806 SonoSite machine for use in the OR and ER.
41. Received a $7,500 gift from anonymous donor to initiate the Laboratory Education Fund.
42. Received a $20,000 estate gift from Mary Gregorie to support the Foundation’s Wellness Center Campaign.
43. Received a $10,000 estate gift from Beiman Henderson.
44. Received a $2,000 gift from Sealevel Systems to fund the purchase of an AED machine for BJ Skelton Center.
45. Received a $1,000 gift from Wal-Mart Foundation to fund the purchase of hand sanitizers for Pickens County schools.
46. Funded $16,000 to initiate a Patient Advocate position in our Surgery Waiting Room and Outpatient Surgery Department.
47. Purchased 3 AED machines for Pickens County School District.
48.  Purchased 4 NuStep exercise machines ($11,200) for Cardiac Rehab from support of Jo Anne Fox, Bill Allgood, Steve Sally, and
 Dub Brooks.
49.  Received $1,500 in gifts to fund the purchase of outdoor benches located near Visitor and Outpatient Entrances.
50. Received gifts and pledges totaling over $1,200,000 for the Special Campaign to Build a Wellness Center at BE.
51.  Funded a $12,000 grant to support a Nursing Peer-Evaluation Pilot Project.
52. Received a $25,000 gift in kind from Hendrick Honda of Easley for a courier vehicle for the Laboratory Department.
53. Received a $2,500 gift from an anonymous donor to help purchase a Bilicheck Bilirubin Assembly for the Birthplace.
54.  Funded the purchase of a $41,000 Balloon Pump for the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory.
55.  Received $2,400 in gifts from the Leadership Team to purchase of TVs for the OR Holding Rm.
56. Funded the purchase of 45 Chair Beds for patient rooms from $60,000 donated through the ’06 Employees & Volunteers Campaign.
57.  Received a $30,500 grant from S.C. DHEC to purchase a state-of-the-art colposcope for the SANE Room.
58.  Provided a $300,000 grant to help hospital purchase a state-of-the-art Digital Mammography System for Radiology Department.
59.  Funded the $3,000 honorarium for Dr. Wheeler, keynote speaker from Vanderbilt School of Medicine for seminar on DVT.
60.  Purchased a NuStep recumbent bicycle for Cardiac Rehab from a restricted gift from Mr. & Mrs. Steve Sally and Mr. & Mrs.
Dub Brooks: $3,723.
61.  Purchased new Donor Recognition Wall in Concourse Wing at Baptist Easley ($10,000).
62.  Funded a consultant to help the Foundation establish a Grants initiative ($32,000).
63.  Received a $137,383 estate gift from an anonymous donor.
64.  Received a $250,000 estate gift from Sarah Meece.
65.  Received a $5,000 gift from anonymous donors to purchase video camera surveillance equipment for ER & Employee Parking lots
66.  Purchased a digital camera ($454) for the colposcope for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner’s Program.
67.  Received a $1,500 gift from the Easley Police Department’s golf tournament for Medically Fragile Children’s Program.
68.  Committed over $60,000 to purchase bedside cabinets & tray tables for patient rooms and additional stretchers & wheelchairs for our
 hospital from ’07 Employee & Volunteer Campaign.
69 Received a $420,000 grant from The Duke Endowment to fund a nurse practitioner and administrative support for Palmetto Health
 Center and to implement a Centering Pregnancy Program for all pregnant moms.
70.  Raised over $390,000 to support the 50th Anniversary campaign to renovate patient rooms at Palmetto Health Baptist Easley.
71.  Raised $64,000 from ’08 Employees and Volunteers Campaign to renovate patient rooms on Med/Surg.
72.  Received a grant of $27,000 from the Upstate Komen for the Cure to provide free mammograms and follow-up to indigent patients.
73.  Received a $7,000 from Ronald McDonald Charities to purchase indoor playground equipment for Medically Fragile Children’s Program.
74.  Received a $7,000 grant from the National Arthritis Foundation to support a community arthritis program.
75.   Raised over $50,000 from ’09 Employee and Volunteer Campaign to renovate patient rooms on Med/Surg.
76.  Received a grant of $161,500 from the Baptist Healthcare System to renovate and develop an educational conference center.
77. Allocated $3,500 to help purchase a Stroke Telemedicine Equipment for the Emergency Department.
78. Allocated $77,426 to purchase two new ultrasound machines for the Radiology Department.
79.   Received a $10,000 from Ronald McDonald Charities to purchase indoor playground equipment for Med. Fragile Children’s Program.
80.  Received a $23,862 estate gift from Herman Riggins to support the Endowment Fund.
81.  Funded $5,338 to the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner’s (SANE) Program from restricted gifts.
82.  Funded $8,000 to the Pastoral Counseling Program from restricted gifts.
83.  Received a $5,000 gift from Donn and Caroline Johnson to purchase a NuStep cycle for Cardiac Rehabilitation.
84.  Funded $100,000 for equipment & room renovations for Radiology Rooms 2 & 3.
85.  Funded $3,388 for Pastoral Counseling Program in the Upstate of South Carolina.
86.  Funded the purchase of Sleeping Chairs for Patient Rooms on 2nd & 3rd Floors ($44,300)
87.  Purchased a $12,000 Pediatric Colonoscope for the GI Lab.
88.  Purchased a $3,500 ENT chair for the Emergency department
89.  Funded the purchase of a $20,000 Dual Head Contrast Injector for the CT department in Radiology
90.  Purchased 3 Surgical Cameras for the Surgery department ($10,020).
91.  Helped to upgrade the CCU’s Patient Nurse Call System ($65,000).
92.  Funded the purchase of $16,000 worth of communication boards for In-Patient rooms on the Medical/Surgical units.
93.  Purchased a $20,000 PACS/radiology system at Liberty Family Care.
94.  Provided $23,000 to upgrade furnishings & equipment in the Birthplace.
95.  Funded the purchase of a $10,000 Therapeutic Bronchoscope for the Respiratory Care department
96.  Purchased a $23,520 Colonoscope for the GI Lab.
97.  Partnered with Safe Kids UPSTATE in 2012 to fund the purchase of bicycle helmets project for 2nd graders in Easley Schools ($5,000).
98.  Allocated $35,320 to purchase Adult & Pediatric Colonoscopes for the Operating Room
99.  Allocated $20,000 to purchase needed Surgical Equipment updates
100.  Funded the renovation of two Radiology Rooms ($61,908)
101.  Allocated $225,000 in February 2012 to purchase Nuclear Camera for Radiology
102.  Allocated $25,000 for Security Cameras in strategic places in hospital including the ER, Birthplace and Nursing floor
103.  Allocate $8,000 for Bilicheck Bilirubin System for Birthplace
104.  Allocated $15,000 for Emergency Call Lights for parking lots to improve safety of patients
105.  Allocated $425,000 to help the hospital purchase the Medical Center of Easley’s former building and land.
106.  Thanks to a generous gift from Tom & Susan O’Hanlan, purchased sterilization equipment for Operating Room ($65,000)
107. Allocated $450,000 to help purchase a 64-Slice CT Scanner for BE Hospital.
108.  Partnered with Safe Kids UPSTATE in 2013 to fund the purchase of bicycle helmets project for 2nd graders in Easley Schools ($5,500).
109.   Your gift will allow us to add more state-of-the-art equipment to this list for our hospital.

(January 2013)